Our Way Back When — A Slide Show

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

That’s a slide — for anyone who doesn’t know, hasn’t seen.

I feel sorry for you.

You have missed an ultimate human experience: the compulsory viewing of someone else’s major life event complete with droning monologue, barks of laughter, and unending stories about people you never met and now hope you never will.

The viewing was held in a room made twilight by pulling down shades and drawing the curtains closed. Light would leak around the edges and create an uncommitted dark. Seating would be close, the room made stuffy by the slide projector and the noisy, breathing humans crowded on not enough comfortable furniture. Children sat on the floor.

Cameras and film were expensive — as was the major life event — and viewing countless slides was an essential activity. You role was to pay attention and follow along in the unfolding story. Don’t hog the potato chips and stop picking on your brother.

Slower than you would think possible, the slide projector would advance, one slide at a time dropping into the slot where a bright light would bring it to life. The projector would hum high and loud with a whishing sound. That was the fan blowing out the hot air to deliver the whooshing, stuffy experience.

It was not uncommon for people to fall asleep. If you were very lucky, you slept through most of the viewing. All you had to do to ensure the satisfaction of the host was to compliment the pictures and thank him for the joy of the slide show.

Most slide shows included an array of blurry vacation pictures marred by fingers, scowling children, and unidentifiable venues.

“Where was that, sweetheart?” The view master would ask his wife occupied with breaking up fights and offering snacks to the guests.

She would squinch her eyes at the screen. Most of the time, she had been at the great event, but these were random shots or stiff arrangements that didn’t look like what she remembered.

With great difficulty, the wife or others might persuade the view master to continue his excellent show. Keep him moving was the guiding principle.

After too long, the show would be over. Lights would be turned back on. The windows would be opened. The audience would stand, stretch, and say nice things while they escaped stuffy, tight confines.

That’s if you were lucky.

If you were family or a close friend, you might be subjected to multiple viewings.

This Is The Little Known Secret Of Light And Darkness

He doesn’t need the sun to do it either! It is in the Bible and can change your life.

  • Are your dreams shrouded with the curtain of darkness?
  • Do the curly edges of life’s purpose fold over you dimming your dreams of success?
  • Does the cloud of darkness, defeat, and gloom fill your every waking hour?

Today is your day.

TODAY is your day to remove insecurity — self-doubt and negative thoughts out of your life’s purpose. God has a solution for you.

How many times have I read God’s creation story without digging deeper into what, how and when He did what He did? Yes, you have done the same, c’mon admit it. I admit reading, Day one He did this, Day two He did that, and on until finally He created us and said; “This is very good!”. Yep! I Got it. Let’s read on. But wait, if we spend more time meditating on words written we will see the light not seen before.

It’s in the first chapter of the first book of the Bible

“Richard, I want to solve my problems mired in the dregs of despair. How will the creation story help me climb out of the pit I’m in?”

Well, there is this little known secret of God’s awesome power revealed between Day One and Day Four. This same power is available to you and me today. Yes, it is.

This power is available to us who believe God’s creation story.

On Day One of Earth, an oddity happened not noticed by many these thousands of years later. We skim through the Creation story not giving it much thought. Yes, We believe! But miss the problem solver God encased in His story.

Find the secret within these ten verses from Genesis.

Day one.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. Genesis 1: 1 and 3–5

Day Four

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the fourth day. genesis 1: 14–19

Did you see it?

God does not need external bodies to produce light and separate it from the darkness. God delivered light without the sun. Just meditate on the idea of how powerful God is in creation.

Do you think He can do the same for you?

He can give light dispelling the darkness within your mind.

I agree it is good for us to reach out to trusted pastors and friends when we are in need. I’m not for a minute suggesting for you to ignore help from others when it is offered.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

But God.

He can bring light to your situation all by Himself. Yes, He is willing to separate and remove the darkness within your soul. Reach out to Him in prayer. He who turned the light on in the earth without the sun will surely brighten your day.

The songwriter; Stuart Hamblen, had it right when he wrote these words:

There is no night for in His light you never walk alone
Always feel at home, wherever you may go
There is no power can conquer you, while God is on your side
Take Him at His promise, don’t run away and hide

Elvis sings it for you here.

The secret revealed

The God of creation dwells in you as a believer. The same power that separated light from darkness in nature is available to you. This God-ordained power is ready to hit the light switch in your soul. Believe and receive.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Are you dealing with problems? Go to the problem solver. He can remove the doubts. Shine His light into your gloom. Turn your defeat into great success.

Our God is AWESOME!

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment.


12 Things I’ve Come to Learn About Love

What does it mean to really love someone? This question has plagued me my entire life — or at least until recently. To put it succinctly, I’ve been a hell of a hard person to love. I’ve made a mess of the word love and everything it entails. I know I’m not alone in saying I fell victim to my own destructive behaviors. After two earlier in life emotional traumas, I was scared. Frightened. Was I even capable of loving again?

I didn’t know how to risk my heart, my well-being, my dreams and life for something that could break my heart — again. It hurt enough the first time, though my mother’s leaving us was the last thing she ever wanted. But after that, there was a different kind of hurt and that shit hurt. Really bad.

This started a forgettable decade in my life. A decade marred with pain, hurt and the absence of love, with no intentions of ever wanting to risk love, hurt and above all else, loss. So I ran, I played games and hurt some wonderful people along the way. If things ever started getting serious, I’d detach myself and run like hell.

How was I supposed to wrestle with this idea of intimacy and trusting someone with my heart? No one taught me how to deal with the pain of the past — I didn’t know how to reopen my heart. Over time, I grew numb to my behavior and the reckless destruction I had been causing along the way.

The last thing I ever deserved at this point in my life was a beautiful, open heart that was willing to love me, but for some reason, I received just that. I look back with complete disgust at my inability to love in return.

I did, however, make a change, if there is a silver lining to this story, though it was after hitting rock bottom. It’s been a long road getting to where I am now, but I’ve come to understand some things along the way — things I wish I had known years ago. If you’re reading this and are someone I’ve hurt, I’m sorry — I guess this could be my way of trying to make it up to you… to the world.

1. I’ve learned that you can see inside someone’s soul, into their heart and all of the beauty of who they are, and actually love them with their flaws, vulnerabilities and shortcomings — as well as your own. Our flaws make us who we are, they are what make us lovable and able to love the people with whom we choose to share our lives. I think it’s important to see beyond the surface, to step out of our own shoes and into the shoes of others and to let their intentions be the true source of our understanding of them. Almost always, things aren’t as they appear on the surface and rarely is our perception of a problem, flaw or challenge merely skin deep — we need to see beyond just what is apparent, and be hopeful of the people we love. If you love someone, you know their heart and the beauty of their soul — that’s where one’s intentions are housed. The same is true for you and me and for all of us that choose to step out and love. READ MORE

Orbiting into the new year with full fuel load

Bidding goodbye to a passing year , stereotype ! Thank for some(thing /one / few), regret some, fear some, pray for some, wish for some or wish not for some and the list goes on. The passing by – is the time that made me (you) grow , literally and metaphorically.

Its that time of year when we sit down , reflect on the bygone and resolve for the time to come , quite a cliché. What’s wonderful about new year eve is that we wish everyone as “One” and wish each one’s dreams come true. These 86400 seconds weave all 7.6 billion of us from Kiribati to Baker Island into one wish — Prosperity for everyone !

While buring fuel to reach the orbit , I have gathered more fuel to now orbit into 2018 and the journey just begins. For all those who believe Tiger Zinda Hai (:P) and believe in his reappearance , a better one – Tiger in you Zinda Hai and I wish you have gathered your fuel for 2018 and many years beyond to make a successful and prosperous year for yourself and all of us !

Be good , do good and stay blessed !

Unlearning All You Know About Love

“Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.”

For someone who is way too comfortable in her space and being alone, I do speak about love a lot. What really is love? What do we mean by: “I deserve this type of love?” What type of love? Is it based on our personality? On who we are? Who defines it? Society? Our parents? Religion? Us? How do we know it really is love? How do we obtain it?


This may be a hard pill to swallow but most of our love choices have been influenced by how our parents loved each other and how they directly or indirectly loved us in return.

1. The Emotionally Unavailable

Children who grew up with emotionally unavailable parents tend to find partners who will worship the floor on which they stand hoping it’ll compensate for the love they never had. (Considering our African parents, maybe we all fall in this category). Or they find partners who are emotionally unavailable so they have to constantly seek validation or prove their love. Or due to that same lack of affection from parents, they tend to see love as foreign. They don’t really understand it and they choose they’re better off alone. They may want it but just don’t have the strength to put in the work to keep it going. They may end up being emotionally unavailable partners too.

2. The Emotionally Abused

Girls who grew up watching their mums endure everything from their dads tend to attract similar guys in their lives. They tend to see love as a battlefield. The more they fight, the more it is proof their love is real. Guys who grew up watching their dads be manipulative may grow up seeing women as the weaker sex and prey on them. Others may see/experience these things happening and choose to not reproduce them. They will want better. And those who grew up watching healthy love, aspire to something like that. They won’t settle till they find someone who is dedicated to treating and loving them right.


“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how a character is built.”

Another major influence comes from the media: romance, sex, fantasy etc. Then comes society with its complexes and how love should look like, how it should feel, how it should be. The list is endless. We then tend to blame people (ex-lovers, parents, siblings) etc for our poor choices. Maybe they played a role but ultimately, we had/have the choice to always heal before getting into relationships. We had/have the choice to make decisions and be better than how we were raised/what we saw or thought about love. We had/have the choice to know and experience love the way we want to. We had/have the choice to understand/love ourselves before getting to love someone else. We had/have the choice to be accountable and be honest about who we are, what we’ve been through, what we’ve learned, how we need to remedy things and work towards a brighter and better “we”. We always have that choice to not be our experiences and past mistakes but most times we’re too hungry to find love and eradicate the past, we forget that what isn’t healed and what is buried deep down always comes to the surface sooner or later.

“One of the most practical things you can do in the quest to breaking generational curses is to speak to your parents. A lot of the patterns we see aren’t always down to spiritual/greater forces but attitudes, character traits, decision-making systems being passed down. “

I have blamed a lot of people in my life… for not loving me like I wanted to. For not seeing me. For not understanding me. For not being patient or more tolerating. But for a greater part of my life, I never even loved myself. I never understood myself. I never knew how to communicate properly. I was never patient with myself nor did I tolerate myself. I blamed myself for every mistake. Every misstep. Every little setback. I never gave myself a chance to even slightly believe I was worth it and I deserved the world. I was so engulfed in being validated by others I forgot the most important part: I needed to validate myself first. People talk a lot about self-love with all these motivational quotes: “Love yourself.” “Love begins with you” etc but no one really tells you how hard it is to actually attain that level. It is freaking hard. It is tiring. It’s not all about bubble baths or face-masks. It’s not all about taking yourself out and treating yourself. You have to constantly do self-checks. How am I? Truly… and the automatic answer shouldn’t be “ I’m fine”. How are my thoughts? How am I feeling? Exhausted? Empty? Giving up? Why am I feeling this way? Self-care is journaling. Acknowledgement. Transparency. Honesty. Vulnerability.

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.”


You have to learn to live with yourself. You have to learn to be patient with yourself. Baby steps are still steps. You have to be grateful for each step. Waking up each day and wondering “is it even worth it? “and then convincing yourself it is. You have to pick yourself up every single time. If anyone told me this would have been excruciating I wouldn’t have even tried. But there is beauty in discovering oneself. Beauty in knowing how strong we really are. Beauty in the process, in behind the scenes versus what we show the world. Beauty in our fragile natures and in our resilience.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

While healing and gaining all this understanding of who I was and what I wanted in life, I had all this love to give so I was unashamed of giving it. I was no longer scared but I wasn’t prepared as to how to react if/when that love wasn’t reciprocated or given at the rate I would have wanted it to. What do you do when you tell someone you love them and they don’t respond? You’ll be tempted to say “they don’t deserve my love”. But here’s the thing, we all love differently. At different rates. At different intensities, so someone not responding to your “I love you” at the time doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Maybe they don’t know how to say it. Maybe it’s just not the time for them. Maybe their love language is different. And again, it’s okay for them to not love you back. Maybe we have to stop being entitled and expecting people to love us back.

“Do not mistake people’s unavailability or unreadiness as a challenge to prove your worth. That’s not what it is.”

Embrace the Process

I’m tempted to say you are what you see and experience but your experiences don’t have to define you. Unlearning certain things could be hard but staying stuck in toxic behaviors is the number one way to die slowly. Each life is made up of mistakes and learning, waiting and growing, practicing patience and being persistent. Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later. I think of life as a book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. But for you to reach another page, you have to turn the other. Your past is your past. Your mistakes are yours but the way is ahead.

Be patient. Be willing. Be dedicated. Love. Breathe. Live.

Sammy J.

There are a lot of things that surprise me in this life.

There are a lot of things that surprise me in this life.

Like how the planes fly and not fall. How if the bees die, we’ll die as well. Like how the time flies so fast before you realize but also sometimes, it feels like the clock is not moving. Like how one simple word can make your life better or worse. Like how powerful a mother’s love is. How people kill each other for the sake of religions and how some rocks are more valuable than the others. How each snowflake is different and how a character’s death in a book or a movie can make you feel pain as if you truly lost a friend.

So many things.

Here is another one: how come people who were a huge part of your life a while ago (which feels like a lifetime ago) leave your life? I could never teach my heart to get used to this. How come the person you woke up to every day is just another person living their life away from you? The person you texted with every day, who told you ‘the world needs the sun and all I need is your eyes’ becomes a stranger you haven’t heard from for the last two years? Your best friend who cried on your shoulder so many times don’t talk to you anymore and says ‘Thanks’ to your birthday message.

They say ‘You always meet twice in life’ and I desperately want to believe it, for there are some missing closures in my life as well as some unsaid words. There are some goodbyes I wasn’t ready to say. Some other world I wanted to live in and couldn’t. And I know nothing will be the same again. That sometimes one needs to move on without expecting any final scene. That “Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end.” That it is better to leave something in the past because that’s where they belong to.

I know those who are meant to come back to us will return one day. Maybe later rather than sooner. Maybe we’ll have coffee together in 20 years, remembering our days together, smiling. Maybe we’ll come across in a foreign city and we are going to freeze for a second when we recognise each other. Maybe we’ll be invited to the same party and see each other from the other corners of the room. Maybe we’ll reconnect even if we are miles and miles apart. Who knows, we can plan travels together or travel to each other.

And then maybe, we’ll never talk face to face ever again. Maybe I’ll never get to learn what you are up to or if you are happy now or if you found real love. If you meant when you said my eyes are all you need. Maybe we will hear about each other from common friends and it will sting a bit, how we lost this person who we thought was ours. But we’ll have so much more going on in our lives that we won’t have much time to be sad about it. It’ll be just a sad memory saved in the secret rooms of our memory. We’ll wake up to new people and kiss them with our morning breath.

I don’t know. Maybe one day I’ll learn. Until then, I will keep hoping we do meet again.

You go your way and I’ll go my way
No words can save us, this lifestyle made us
Run along like I’m supposed to, be the man I ought to
Rock and roll, sent us insane, I hope someday that we will meet again


The funny thing when people that you start to know, start reading your articles, it’s a strange feeling when you see someone who only saw you for a week that can know your story only by taking a look on your medium profile.

I am grateful to see that people are discovering the other side of the geek me, maybe shy for some or even weirdo for some.

Is it normal to feel safe in a random place full of strangers? Is it normal to trust them and consider them as “friends”?

Today, after work I had coffee with my friends, we chatted for a while they remind me of home.

I meet my friends almost every day, they are so supportive, I get your back lady! This sentence can resume the story.

I am trying to stop being a drama queen, to get my shit together and to be that strong independent lady that I promised to be.

It’s all about enjoying the journey, I always take a moment to think and analyze things that I am going through. Life is up and down what matters that at the end of the day, you are satisfied with that day!

You said hi to a random person, you smiled at someone in the train or while talking the elevator together, you hugged your friend at the middle of the street, you told someone that he looks good in that shirt or you just complimented the way a person talks or something.

I may sometimes look cold, anxious or sad, maybe I was not feeling myself or receiving bad energy from a place or something else. Just ignore that mood, I am always full of joy and happiness, “une boule de joie “ as one of my friend once said.

You may feel that I am a childish girl because I can't stand without joking or moving around, or maybe I become sad in a minute without any previous causes, maybe you need to see a trailer before having me as a friend, or take the “risk” and discover the inner me with all my kind; well most of them are, schizophrenic souls.

This is a random day in a random week, do you wanna guys have a sneak peek of a day in my life?

Maybe it will be the next article object? Or should I talk about a new friend who is always asking for an article about him?

We will see.

Bless you, guys.

See you soon.

Infidelity, Betrayal, and Self Discovery.

I am human. I am a husband and a father. I am also an adulterer. In this series, I will be writing my thoughts and insights as they occur to the best of my ability. My hope is that I am able help others experiencing similar trauma.

1. The Descent

In as such for all of mankind’s time here on earth, he has been searching. He has been searching all of the land and everything around him. He has been searching in the woods, the seas, the mountains, and the deserts. His path has taken him to the four corners of the world, unto the depths of the earth. He eventually finds himself searching unto himself. Longing for an explanation, longing to satisfy the insatiable thirst that parches his weary soul. The path traveled is typically fruitless as the search is focused on material things. Objects that can be purchased or sometimes made. Within these objects, we as humans, look to find a better versions of ourselves. But how can that be? How can we ever hope to find enlightenment in that which has no soul?

We find an empty space devoid of meaning and love. A grey area of shabbiness and hollow gestures. Of nothingness adorned with the promise of instant gratification! Oh how we fall! We then realize, that for which we search, was never present. Nay, our search was misguided and astray. The void we all look to fill in our hyper connected world, is gaping and putrid. It fills us with malcontent and disdain. It is rot. Like a small spore of mold that overtakes a ripe fruit, slowly blackening the vibrancy of a once sweet delicacy.

Once the decay begins to consume our inner essence, the heart is fouled. Swelled up with false images of love and compassion. We seek love in loveless arms. Our mind’s eye is deceived into believing, that which is missing is lust. Lust masquerading as love, spiralling downwards in an ever increasing fear and phobia. Harder and harder we seek and search, desperately pleading for someone to love us. For someone to reach out and pluck us out of this humid well of hollow desperation, of blackness enshrouding all, covering the totality of our eyes until we can no longer pierce of the veil of our sanity, only catching brief glimpses of the burning sky around us.

And then we allow ourselves to be swayed into the arms of promiscuity, in between her legs we plunge. Deeper and darker we fall, and during our descent of sexual and spiritual depravity we ignite flames all around us. All that we hold dear, all that which is holy and just, is decimated by maniacal desires. We destroy the foundations and the temples of our loved ones. The great buildings that we had constructed together with our wives and children, our mothers and fathers. The colosseums of our greatness, the statues and proclamations that we filled with the vows of eternal love. One by one they burn. Within them burn the books of good deeds and hymns of love. Books heralded as living proof, a testament to our love. We had built them to withstand the tests of time, alas they do not. And as we fall we look on helplessly, gazing into the intense flame of retribution caused by our selfish and egotistical desires, compounded by our denial of God and the one true source.

And then the flame subsides and we gather. We gather at and sift through the ashes of our once great shrines. We cry the songs of our fathers, and we are shocked, horrified, and disgusted at what we have become.

Hayley’s Thoughts on: Isn’t It Romantic

A non-industry perspective on everything about the industry

It’s been a long time since a solid romantic comedy was released. The type of movie for which you gather all the girlfriends, you buy the largest bags of popcorn they’ve got and, for an hour and thirty minutes, you’re completely entranced by the “ideal” love story.

My best friend, who does not like movies, went back and saw this one a second time. I could just end the review right there — if you knew her, that would convince you.

Isn’t It Romantic opens with a flashback to Rebel Wilson’s character Natalie as a young kid, completely entranced by the “ideal” love story. (Her version involves Julia Roberts. My version now involves Rebel Wilson.) That’s when Natalie’s mom swoops in and shatters, completely obliterates, Natalie’s love of romcoms, stressing how unrealistic they are for women who look the way Natalie and her mother do (read: not like Priyanka Chopra).

We then flash forward to present day Natalie, who is living the opposite of a romantic comedy. We see Natalie wake up in a gray, sad apartment. The camera pans around the apartment, then reveals that Natalie is waking up in a bunk bed. The entire theater cracked up at that — and the theater was pretty crowded. It was a solid beginning to a solid movie.

One of the things that I found refreshing about Isn’t It Romantic is that it doesn’t assume the audience is idiotic.

I think one of the things romcoms always got shit on for was how incredibly predictable they were. But the movie never acknowledged that, and tried to play off the ending as a surprise. Even the title of the movie, Isn’t It Romantic, is a question to the audience — it involves the audience down to the very basic, very obvious level.

You know what will happen in Isn’t It Romantic from the beginning. Her coworker Josh, played by the adorkable Adam Devine (who also plays her “love interest” in the Pitch Perfect franchise) is clearly in love with her. She thinks he’s staring out the window at a giant Priyanka Chopra poster, but no, we all know he is staring at her. Her coworker and best friend Whitney bluntly tells her she is friendzoning him and that he likes her. We all know how this will end — but that isn’t the point of Isn’t It Romantic.

The next time Natalie wakes up, after getting mugger in a subway station, she’s in a fantasyland. New York City is gorgeous. Liam Hemsworth’s character Blake (obviously he is named Blake) is head over heels in love with her. Her office is beautiful and she’s a full blown architect now. Whitney hates her, because two women can’t get along in the workplace, it has to be a catfight. Priyanka Chopra falls in love with Josh. Natalie’s apartment is a palace and she has every shoe she could ever want. It’s a real life romcom.

The film writers and directors clearly had the mission of tearing down typical romcom tropes, mostly by showing how ridiculous and absurd many of them are. “You’re setting gay rights back a hundred years” (or something along those lines), is said by Natalie about her “gay best friend,” a comment on how inappropriate and lame that trope has been. Even the character, Donny, acknowledges he has no job, literally just shows up when Natalie needs him, speaks in the stereotypical gay voice, etc. At the end, I love the reveal of him as a multidimensional gay man. That was definitely a highlight.

For as many tropes as the film tries to dismantle, it falls victim to some as well.

For instance, the Whitney and Natalie relationship in the fantasyland sequence is presented to show how upsetting it is to pit women who love each other against each other. Yet Priyanka Chopra’s Isabella and Natalie grow to dislike each other and are pitted against each other in competition over Josh. Thankfully, that gets resolved, in the best possible way.

That’s right folks. The one romcom that pretty much states how it’s going to end in the beginning is holding a secret from the audience. One that almost made me tear up, that made me look at my friends and audibly “awww,” that’s still got me thinking about the truth in romcoms days later.

As Natalie tries to escape the live romcom, the fantasyland she’s trapped in, she’s sure she has to get Blake to fall in love with her and then she can wake up (something she attempts to postpone and also attempts to steal a purse to take back to reality with her). But that doesn’t work out. So then she’s sure Josh has to fall in love with her. But he’s in love with Isabella. Can she really steal him away from her after rejecting him for so long?

The truth sets Natalie free, literally, and she wakes back up in a (thank God) dirty ER bed with an ugly doctor, in her drab clothes and goes back to her even drabbier apartment. And that day is better than fantasyland ever was.

Finally, a charming song and dance number raps up the film. It was so joyous, so over the top and overdone, that it was brilliant and the perfect ending.

Isn’t It Romantic is a movie about all forms of love, taking down the stereotypes (even if occasionally, incidentally fulfilling them) and giving us a glimpse of reality. And having Rebel Wilson star as a romantic lead is a huge positive for society all around and I commend people on that. Now that we’re establishing that as normal, let’s have it not be shocking that someone like Liam Hemsworth could fall in love her next time.

This was the perfect Valentine’s movie for 2019.

In some ways, it reminds me of To All the Boys I Loved Before, in that it plays to all the tropes, but it just does it better than almost anyone. I hope that more romantic comedies that get released soon take note of these two and try to follow suit. Keep the devoted romcom fanbase there, but elevate the plots and tropes and make them work for modern times and multidimensional characters. These two movies give me hope that a romcom resurgence is on the horizon.

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate fantasyland?

3 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Hire Me

1. I’m needy.

I want to feel included like I’m making significant contributions to your team’s goals and vision. Some might say I need constant approval. I’d say that’s a little harsh (and a little true). As a member of a team, it’s important for me to know what’s going on and know I can depend on you for feedback to help me grow. Positive. Negative. Neutral. If I’m working for you or with you, I need your feedback about my work. Don’t leave me hanging otherwise I’ll burden myself with paranoia. Saying nothing is worse than saying, “This is crap. Get it out of my face.” An email, direct/private message, or even a text will do.

2. I take risks.

Especially when it comes to the classroom, I think a certain amount of risk is essential to find those break-through, light-bulb moments. Educators take risks when choosing a delivery method, text, or instructional strategy. And they need to experiment daily. Experimenting is more fun and more professional too! Following a textbook’s step-by-step breakdown doesn’t allow me to embrace all that fancy knowledge gained from my education course work in curriculum design. So please don’t subject me to a script. I’m way too jazz and not a marching band-type.

3. I’m a tech-snob.

I prefer to use tech that works for me; not tech that requires me to do extra work. There is a lot of tech geared toward education, and a lot of it is poorly executed, rarely updated, and slow. I’ll stick to the apps and devices that consistently work — Google Apps, Evernote, YouTube, WordPress — and save myself the frustration of tinkering to get the trendy tech to work half as seamless as my favorite apps. Time spent trying to get some “safe” alternative to YouTube to work half as well as YouTube is counter-productive and usually not nearly as dependable. Yeah, Moodle 2.0 is great, but I’ll always choose WordPress over it and get more done with less frustration.