KR1 February Update 🍉

Committee members in the Melon Council will have the opportunity to vote when it comes to matters such as being able to invite new members into the council, being able to adequately update the Melon protocol smart contracts, appropriately adjusting the ‘amgu’(Asset Management Gas Units) price, updating protocol parameters and many more, thus a super important role in the Ecosystem. Apart from Janos, the Melon Council features Will Harborne from Ethfinex, Melon code auditor Nick Munoz-McDonald, Matthew Di Ferrante from ZK Labs, Zahreddine Touag from Woorton, Martin Lundfall from Maker & Dapphub, Fabian Gompf from Parity and Jenna Zenk for the new Melon team entity (something is in the works there!).

A Melon Council jamming session

The Melon committee was announced at the annual Melon Asset Management conference, M-1 which was held in Zug, Switzerland in partnership with the Multichain Asset Managers Association (MAMA). There were lots of presentations and panels discussing the future of digital asset management, asset trading and asset custody. If you are KR1 follower, you will know we were the first investors to support Melon and their vision with one of our first investments ever made as an entity.

The M-1 event showcased an all-star cast in an intimate setting with world-class discussions around asset management and it’s future. KR1’s Janos took part in a panel of “Who is pioneering investments in crypto and what will it take for them to transition their own operations and trading to asset management 3.0”. Joining the panel were Chance Du from Coefficient Ventures, Russell Newton from GABI and Jonathan Allen from Dekrypt Capital.

Chance, Rusell, Jon, and Janos

Another KR1 portfolio company had a panel slot as well, Seb from Vo1t was talking about the roles of digital asset custodians with Zare from Woorton.

Zahreddine from Woorton, Seb from Vo1t and Mona

Ethereum co-founder and Polkadot founder Gavin Wood gave an update on Polkadot’s Substrate and revealed the cryptoeconomic model for Polkadot. It was great to have more information on the levers behind the protocol, which if on schedule will have its Genesis block Q4 this year.

Gav of York, founder of Ethereum, Parity and now Polkadot

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