3 pieces of advice for millennials trying to make it in corporate America

Welcome to Silicon Valley, the land of artificial intelligence, high-speed networks, start-ups, flip flops in the workplace, and executive egos. Here there is no such thing as a “set work time.” There is no such thing as “no, we can’t”. Your options for success and career growth are endless. Here is the utopia for learning and growth at whatever type of technology advancement you’re interested in- maybe it’s software or hardware, or maybe you want to grow your soft skills in human resources, public relations, operations, etc. There’s an opportunity for you. This is the age millennials flourish, and our colleagues are envious of us. NOW IS OUR CHANCE! Here are three tips I’ve learned my first four years in Corporate (tech) America.

  1. Say “Yes”

I’ve heard it too many times to count on both hands. “You’re not like other millennials, you work too hard.”

The misconception that millennials have zero work ethic is the rumor we have to END. And now is our chance. Say “YES” to the next challenging opportunity. Opportunities don’t grow on trees, they’re not given out like candy, they’re a gift. Say “YES” to take the risk. Don’t know how to execute? Don’t understand the concept? Luckily for us, millennials are digitally sound. We’re pretty handy at a quick google search, PLUS we’re the most digitally social generation yet… use your network, and the information at your fingertips to help tackle that next big assignment. Don’t get me wrong, it will be challenging. It’ll test your patience. You may even find yourself questioning “why” this XYZ company. So… don’t forget to listen. Your colleagues with 10, 20, 30 + years of experience have some invaluable advice, that more often than not they’re willing to bestow upon us.

Saying “YES” might just land you into that next big job that was previously thought to be 10 years down the line…

just say “YES!”

2. Embrace your fountain of youth

“Oh, my daughter graduated that same year!”

There is nothing more precious than youth. Working in corporate America, in technology, and as a woman, I often find myself as the only woman in the room. The youngest person in the room. By sometimes 20 years. That’s intimidating. I found myself always questioning my experience, my education, and eventually my worth at the company, until one day I realized they all wanted what I have, YOUTH. We are the generation that grew up with the internet, with social media, and with technology advancing at dizzying speeds. We are the future. Be confident and embrace your open mindset, we have the intangible!

3. If you’re bored in your job, chances are you’re not growing. Take a risk.

This rumor is true. If we’re not challenged, we’ll move on. Maybe not tomorrow, but chances are we won’t spend our entire career with the same company, maybe not even half of it, maybe not even a fourth. Before each major transition so far, I’ve found myself feeling stagnate, not moving forward and not learning at a steady pace. While in today’s economy, taking a new job can seem risky, or maybe you feel “safe” in your current job. What I can say is, the most growth I’ve had is when I feel uncomfortable, when I immediately don’t know the strategy or the plan. My key message for you is, don’t be afraid to feel uncomfortable, and take the risk for that sweet, new job you might not be qualified for, because really what do you have to lose? We’re millennials after all. 🙂

Nothing says risk-taking more than climbing El Capitan in Yosemite National Park

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