SOCIAL REMIT — AIRDROP ROUND 3–4/5 RATING — Platform for Financial Tools

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SOCIALREMIT — Quick Guide to Airdrop.

SocialRemit is a new platform designed to provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools based on blockchain and impact in a positive way on society through the collaborative economy that aims to build decentralized autonomous platforms of high efficiency, betting that the participating community gets involved in the projects it finances, which will also serve to establish a structure for social marketing and promotion, where each project can be spread in the media, to take advantage over the competition between the highlighted projects and obtain financing from other users.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the SocialRemit website and click on Airdrop.
  2. Register and verify your mail.
  3. Join their Telegram group and rest of social activities.
  4. Submit and save all your social media links to your profile.
  5. Talk to the Telegram Bot for even more CSR Tokens.
  6. Earn CSR tokens for each referral.

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  • Token — SRT
  • Country — UK
  • Accepting — ETH, BTC, LTC, NEO, LTC, Fiat
  • Tokens for Sale — 300 000 000
  • White paper

IcoBench — 4/5

3FINDEX — 250 EOS Airdop!

FINDEX — 250 EOS Airdop!

Event Time: 2019/3/11 00:00UTC to 2019/3/12 23:59 UTC

Airdrop Rule: Login to FINDEX and make a transaction over 1EOS

0.5 EOS worth Each!


250MGT, 500 Rewards only

First Come First Serve

Terms & Conditions

Every account can only one reward per day (about 0.5EOS worth) from FINDEX.

The Airdrop will be distributed to the account on the next day of the transaction before 10:30am UTC time daily.

FINDEX will not reward any dubious transactions.

FINDEX has the final interpretation of the event.

熊市做事 FINDEX 250EOS空投



空投规则: 登陆FINDEX交易所, 成交一笔价值大于 1 EOS的任意代币

250 MGT 总量500份



  • 每个账号仅限得到一次空投,先到先得。
  • 空投代币将于成交第二日UTC 10:30am前发放到账户中。
  • 本次活动不奖励任何恶意刷单行为。
  • FINDEX拥有活动最终解释权。



Our mission:
"Back to the roots where we came from: to the moon"

"Creative Industries" is a new analytical definition of the industrial components of the economy in which creativity is an input and content or intellectual property is the output.

The economic value of the creative industies may extend beyond just the manifest production of culture goods or the employment of creative people but may have a more general role in driving and facilitating the process of change across the entire economy.

MoonCoinX is a payment media in the field of creative industry. It is a decentralized cryptographic system with traceable transactions in creative industries.

MNCX is a utility token to use to access the mooncoinx application platform. Applications that will be designed will fully support the development of the creative industry.

The fields of creative industry where we are focusing on are:

– Education
– Social humanity
– E-Commerce
– Advertising
– Other services

In the field of social humanity (natural disasters) we are supporting with 10% of our initial supply.

More info about MoonCoinX (whitepaper, roadmap, team, local communities as well as social media) can be found under

If you have any questions or concerns, kindly contact our support team:



Community Manager Germany

250,000 T2T Giveaway!

In order to kick-start the new year and to celebrate the latest updates to our product, we have decided to expand our onboarding campaign by further incentivizing our community and followers to sign up and become a part of the ecosystem. In order to do this we are giving away a total of 250,000 T2T.

This means that everyone who creates a profile through our onboarding application — and fills out the following form: during the period from January 25, 2019 until February 8, 2019, will receive an equal share of the 250k T2T reward.

The users who have already signed up for the 500T2T giveaway will be automatically enrolled into the 250k T2T giveaway.

For more information , we suggest watching this short video demonstration of our User dApp here:

Alternatively, please join our Telegram channel ( where the admins will be more than happy to assist you.

ABOUT TRACETO.IO is a decentralised Know Your Customer (KYC) network that provides an inclusive KYC solution to cryptocurrency and blockchain product companies by fusing Smart Contract and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Leveraging on over 5 decades of experience in Compliance and RegTech,’s vision is to bridge the gap between the real and virtual world KYC processes.


Telegram Announcements Channel:






Hello, Newcomers!

QUB for new participants!
We carry out airdrop event of homepage renewal commemoration.

For the Newcomers Airdrop Event!

*This event is only available for new subscribers to the Cube Chain website.

Period: From January 7, 2019, to the first-come-first-served basis

Amount: 500 QUB


1. Email address

2. Ethereum Wallet Address

3. Download the CLET application

How to :

1. Sign up Cube Chain website and get the subscription code. (Check on “ My Page”)

2. Go back to the CLET app and place the code on the event page

3. Please wait for QUB

The event is finished and will be distributed sequentially.

We will notify when distributing.

큐브체인 홈페이지 신규가입 에어드롭 이벤트!

본 이벤트는 큐브체인 웹사이트에 신규 가입자만 참여할 수 있습니다.

기간 : 2019년 1월 7일부터 ~ 선착순 완료까지

지급 : 500 QUB


1. 이메일주소

2. 이더리움 지갑 주소

3. 클렛 어플리케이션


1. 큐브체인 웹사이트에 신규가입하고 가입 코드를 받는다.

2. 클렛으로 돌아가서 이벤트 페이지에 코드를 넣는다

3. QUB를 기다린다

QUB는 이벤트가 전체 완료 된 후 순차적으로 지급됩니다!

CLET : 원터치 에어드랍
클렛, CLET, 원터치, 에어드랍, Onetouch,

This event will be distributed directly from Cube Chain, not from CLET.

The New BANANO Miner: Earn BANANO by Contributing to Medical Research

Some weeks ago, we released a simple BANANO Miner Faucet which unexpectedly led to a sudden rise in attention. This was somewhat unexpected since this faucet was merely made to serve BANANO’s free distribution program as one of several active faucets. However, everyone would agree that classical cryptocurrency mining is overall not a good fit for BANANO, which is based on feeless, instant transactions, doesn’t require mining, and thus can considered to be environmentally “green”.

Now, the BANANO team releases a totally different, brand-new BANANO Miner Faucet! With BANANO Miner, instead of wasting power to “mine” a cryptocurrency, you help scientists doing medical research around the world to fight diseases. And you earn BANANO by doing so! Learn further below how that works.

What the fork is BANANO?

For those of you who don’t know BANANO yet: BANANO is a feeless, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology distrupting the meme economy. Yes, it’s a meme coin that was forked in April 2018 from the cryptocurrency NANO. BANANO has feeless and near-instant transactions, a highly active community and is actively developed.

On top of this, BANANO has memes and is easy to use, just try our slick mobile wallet named Kalium (it contains monKeys ❤). BANANO also has a free ongoing distribution through innovative faucet games. Yes, you heard it right, Faucet Games that enable you to easily earn free BANANO. You can find lots of more details on our official website:, and you’ll find help getting started at

BANANO currently can be traded at Mercatox and, and it very recently also was listed at Citex and Bitmesh (see a summary of all trading pairs here). Current market data is available here at Coingecko.

The New, Green BANANO Miner —Here to Help Make the World Better

Our previous BANANO Miner Faucet actually mined the cryptocurrency Webchain and paid, in a heavily subsidized way, in BANANO.

The new BANANO Miner is different. It supports Biomedical Research!

Instead of running arbitrary calculations to “mine” a cryptocurrency, your computer runs protein fold simulations through Folding@Home, which helps researchers fight Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and many more genetic diseases, and infectious diseases. Then, we send you BANANO depending on the size of your computational contribution.

It’s super easy to get started. Just head over to, fill in your BANANO address and make sure your username and team name are set correctly in the next step:

Just leave the BANANO Miner website open, your computer automatically does all calculations and accumulates points, which then will be converted to BANANO.

  • BANANO payouts will start automatically once you reach 100 points, then up to twice per day.
  • Payouts will come from this address: ban_3fo1d1ng6mfqumfoojqby13nahaugqbe5n6n3trof4q8kg5amo9mribg4muo
  • Folding@Home also has a desktop client that will work as well.
  • You can follow the contribution of “Team BANANO” here on our team stats page.

Now get started at!

Why Mining is a “Stupid Waste of Energy” & The Alternative: Folding@Home

If you followed the news headlines over the last few days, you’ll have seen lots of reports of China banning cryptocurrency mining, such as these:

China wants to destroy 'wasteful' Bitcoin mining
China, one of the world's most prominent blockchain and cryptocurrency forces, wants to put an end to "wasteful"…
China Considers Ban on Cryptocurrency Mining Because It's a Stupid Waste of Energy
Regulators in China are considering a ban on cryptocurrency mining as an "undesirable" economic activity, according to…

Indeed, the criticism towards mining is not new, however it’s rarely mentioned that some fresh cryptocurrencies like BANANO (and it’s father NANO) do not require mining and therefore are highly innovative examples for “green” cryptocurrencies.

Folding@Home is an initiative to fight disease around the globe with the power of computing

At this occasion we on purpose branded our new Folding@Home Faucet “BANANO Miner”: To raise awareness that cryptocurrency mining is not without alternatives.

Tell us what you think about all this! Leave a comment below!

What Happens to the Previous BANANO Miner?

Even though based on classical mining, we will keep the previous BANANO Miner Faucet running for now and leave people the choice which faucet they want to assign their computational resources to. It will, however, shortly be renamed to “BANANO Miningpool”.

Join the Banano Republic!

$BANANO is a fee-less, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy.

Official Website: 
Help getting started:

Join our social channels for updates & giveaways:
Discord | Reddit 
Medium | Steemit | Publish0x
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Telegram Channel | Groups
Youtube | Github

BANANO News | BANANO links | BANANO events

How To Apply For SNAC Airdrop

Who doesn’t love Airdrops? Comon’ we all love them, right? And I am sure you have heard about SNAC’s coolest airdrop offering you SNAC Tokens worth of $4+ doing very simple task. Not only that $1 for every successful referral (unlimited referrals allowed) Waooooooooo!

So, if you haven’t participated in the airdrop yet, please have a

About Futurepia

Futurepia is a blockchain based main net designed especially for high traffic DApps and has demonstrated 300,000 transactions per second in the test environment certified by KOLAS.

About SNAC

SNAC is the world’s best blockchain based reward sharing social media app. Unlike Steemit, it is mobile based with beautiful UI/UX, and offering extra features like Private Chat, Group Chat, Voting and Content Betting.
We are soon going to launch our Dapp called SNAC and looking for beta testers to participate in testing and earn airdrop.

About Airdrop

We are airdropping 4000 SNAC tokens (~$ 4) to airdrop participants and 1000 SNAC tokens (~$ 1) for every referral.


i) Join our Telegram Group.

ii) Like us on Facebook

iii) Follow us on Twitter

iv) Fill out this form to receive the app download link

* Once the service is open, you will receive an e-mail or text message with guidelines to download the app along with the testing result sheet.

* Once you have got the link to download the App, you can share your referral link to earn 1000 SNAC tokens per referral.

* Once you have signed up for the SNAC app, you will get your tokens there inside the app. Note that you must complete all the steps in order to be eligible to receive Airdrop Tokens.

*SNAC tokens can be traded with PIA (Utility coin of Futurepia Blockchain) once Futurepia gets listed on the exchange. Later on, PIA can be exchanged with any other cryptocurrency.

Want to participate in SNAC Airdrop and earn 4000 SNACs — Enter Here

Update: first nahmii airdriip

Today marks the date of the first nahmii airdriip so, as promised in our previous update, we can now reveal the number of tokens each qualifying address will receive once the protocol goes live on the mainnet.

We’ll start with a quick recap: nahmii is hubii’s pioneering second layer scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. By moving the majority of transactions off-chain, nahmii solves Ethereum’s scaling and performance issues. Transaction throughput is radically improved, latency is significantly reduced and fees are both predictable and much lower (on average).

The nahmii protocol is tokenised, with token holders receiving all of the revenue. Instead, nahmii’s tokens — NII — will be distributed through 120 monthly ‘airdriips’ over 10 years. The first airdriip ‘accumulation period’ ran from 1st November — 30th November.

Holders of both HBT, hubii’s token from our 2017 ICO, and ETH can participate in the airdriip. The requirements are simple: HBT holders must hold their tokens in an address that they control the private keys for, ETH holders must meet the same requirement and also register using hubii’s digital asset manager . More information about the airdriip, registration, allocations and eligibility calculations can be found in the ‘airdriip FAQ’ here.

As discussed in our previous blog post, we expect that nahmii will be live on the Ethereum mainnet by the end of December. The nahmii airdriip will use the nahmii protocol, so the first distribution of NII tokens will take place once the protocol goes live. Given that the accumulation period for the first airdriip has now ended, we can now publish the data showing the allocations and entitlements built up during this period. In the data below you can see all eligible addresses, their accumulated balance-block totals (in femtoHBT.blocks for HBT holders and in Wei.blocks for ETH holders) and the number of NII tokens they will receive (in femtoNII). This disclosure is designed to provide maximum transparency for the airdriip.

To recap: these tokens will be delivered to the qualifying addresses as soon as possible following nahmii’s launch on mainnet. The nahmii FAQ explains all you need to know about the airdriip process and the data from the first airdriip can be found below:

  • These calculations are provisional allocations and may be subject to change until the airdriip takes place.
  • hubii reserves the right to exclude certain addresses from the airdriip, notably those of rival Distributed Exchanges.
  • The number of tokens received during the airdriip will differ from token allocation due to fees.
  • Also note, infinitesimal rounding errors have been introduced by a library used, which will be rectified prior to the actual airdriip.

Stop using blind AirDrop practices and set up a smart AirDrop instead

99% of all the blockchain projects are using AirDrops to gain user attention, but what kind of AirDrop is the most effective? Right now there are three most popular AirDrop methods:

Holder AirDrops

Most projects are built on larger and more popular blockchains, such as Ethereum. So some project teams choose to target AirDrops at holders of a specific cryptocurrency or a list of specific wallets.

Forked currency

Sometimes two different blockchains/forks are generated in place of one single blockchain. All the wallets holding the cryptocurrency on the original chain will receive a proportional amount of forked currency in the new chain.

Bounty AirDrops (task drop)

The most popular AirDrop strategy today where users are asked to complete certain tasks in order to receive the AirDrop.

Tasks can include: joining a project Telegram group, following or liking Twitter or Facebook accounts, etc.

Blind AirDrops are no longer effective

In 2017, OmiseGo launched an AirDrop for its OMG coin: as long as the user account holds more than 0.1 ETH, they put in an AirDrop, and eventually the OmiseGo team transferred the OMG coin to 460,000 people.

This broad, non-targeted coin-giving scheme helped to get more people interested in the OmiseGo platform, and since then, thousands of projects have replicated this practice, but this approach is flawed. Since more and more projects started using this AirDrop approach, cryptocurrency holders started to receive enormous amounts of unwanted coins. Most blockchain users do not to know what each received coin represents, besides it’s value on exchanges. This is approach is is the opposite of what the project side itself wants to achieve.

Smart AirDrop approach

Quantstamp (QSP): In order to motivate community engagement, community contributions and get additional exposure, Quantstamp started using the “Proof of Care” marketing campaign. The Quantstamp team quantifies user engagement, “Active Project Contribution + Community Engagement + Wallet Tracking Algorithm + Support History.” Users will get POC (Focused on Mining) scores ranking their participation, and then get the corresponding amount of QSP Tokens based on the score.

Polymath (POLY); In the early days, Polymath team rewarded users who joined their Telegram group. After the user provided Ethereum address and then filled out a questionnaire, they would receive the AirDrop rewards. Soon, there were more than 40,000 users in Polymath’s community.

Dfinity (DFN): Dfinity announced at the start of a campaign to issue DFN Tokens worth over $35 million, which will account for 2.6% of XLM’s total liquidity and 0.47% of it’s total trading volume. They were targeting future users, especially early adopters. All users who get DFN Token can test and develop projects on the Dfinity platform.

Incentives should be based on stimulating behaviors that have positive effect on project and community development. Blind AirDrops are no longer desirable; and each project should focus in delivering AirDrops to the community that is eager to actively participate in project development and bring real value.

Airdrop: Receive free 5 EURS Stablecoin tokens

EURS token is a virtual financial asset that is designed to digitally mirror the EURO on the condition that its value is tied to the value of its collateral. This allows it to curb the extreme volatility inherent to many cryptocurrencies. Its compatibility with the traditional financial system allows professional investors to access the cryptocurrency market similar to how they operate in traditional financial systems.

Exclusive EURS Airdrop


Receive free 5 EURS STABLECOIN tokens (~$5.7 + Referrals)

— -> You can exchange your 5 EURS to BTC/ETH INSTANTLY AND CASH OUT!
— -> Get your 5 EURS already NEXT WEEK!

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