SOCIAL REMIT — AIRDROP ROUND 3–4/5 RATING — Platform for Financial Tools

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SOCIALREMIT — Quick Guide to Airdrop.

SocialRemit is a new platform designed to provide emerging projects with financial and technological tools based on blockchain and impact in a positive way on society through the collaborative economy that aims to build decentralized autonomous platforms of high efficiency, betting that the participating community gets involved in the projects it finances, which will also serve to establish a structure for social marketing and promotion, where each project can be spread in the media, to take advantage over the competition between the highlighted projects and obtain financing from other users.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the SocialRemit website and click on Airdrop.
  2. Register and verify your mail.
  3. Join their Telegram group and rest of social activities.
  4. Submit and save all your social media links to your profile.
  5. Talk to the Telegram Bot for even more CSR Tokens.
  6. Earn CSR tokens for each referral.

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  • Token — SRT
  • Country — UK
  • Accepting — ETH, BTC, LTC, NEO, LTC, Fiat
  • Tokens for Sale — 300 000 000
  • White paper

IcoBench — 4/5

Growth Of Cryptocurrency Market Interdependent On Retail

Over the past year, Bitcoin has blown beyond proportion and have become one facet of online trading and investments that individuals have been looking towards. While Bitcoin is an online currency that only a select few knew how to mine, this cryptocurrency has turned into something entirely viable for good investments. In spite of its growing popularity, there is still a lot of mystery and uncertainness surrounding this cryptocurrency.

What Are Bitcoins?

If you are thinking of investing in Bitcoin, or are planning to pay for something using Bitcoin, it is important for you to understand the intricacies of this currency. The fact that Bitcoin is an online currency is well known, but how does something that exists only in the virtual world function in our society?

To be able to properly understand this, we must trace back to the roots of Bitcoin and how they came into existence. A man named Santoshi Nakamoto first came up with the idea of creating an online currency back in 2009. During that time, the only currencies being used were the ones that were regulated by the government. This meant that there was a certain amount of government intervention with every transaction that was being undertaken. The inventor decided to create a software that would generate these coins through specific processes, that could then be used for transactions across the web.

At the time, the concept seemed so foreign that it only caught on in circles that were familiar with software development and networking. However, in the past two years, the thought of owning Bitcoin has spread even to those whose internet use is limited to Facebook and Youtube.

Acquiring Bitcoin

There are two main methods through which people are able to acquire Bitcoin. One of these is through Bitcoin mining, and the other is from Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin mining entails using a computer software to solve a series of algorithms and codes to be able to unveil Bitcoin. The second method of acquiring Bitcoin and the easier option for the common person is through trading.

Online Trading

There are a number of trading platforms that allow individuals to put in real-world currency and then convert that to Bitcoin. This is a form of trading that functions similar to that of the real world stock market and tends to see similar trends across different cryptocurrency options.

The main reason why Bitcoin can be traded with on a stock market-like platform is because of the way they are supposed to mimic real world or physical currency. Just like currency like dollars, yen, rupees, etc., Bitcoin has a certain transactional value that is held against it. Because they need to be bought, they need to have a certain conversion value that people can turn to when trying to convert one currency to another. If you log onto any trading platform, you will see the value of Bitcoin, which is generally shown in the form of dollars. This enables individuals to convert their government-issued currency to digital currency.

Bitcoin Mining

The method of mining Bitcoin is a bit more complex than stock market interactions. The main terminology that one needs to be familiar in this regard is blockchains. Contrary to popular belief, a blockchain isn’t a cryptocurrency by itself. It functions as a database that contains the information needed to be able to acquire Bitcoin. This is considered to central technology surrounding the concept of Bitcoin and is something that you should be familiar with.

The blockchain is one of the main reasons why Bitcoin has become viable in the first place. The importance of this is because of the very principles that Bitcoin was based on. Bitcoin isn’t regulated by anyone, or any government like real-world currencies are. There is no gatekeeper protecting the number of Bitcoin that are present in the world, which can make processing this increasingly tricky. A blockchain, in this instance, works as a decentralized database and tracks all of the information concerning Bitcoin transactions. The record that is created of this tends to be permanent, and cannot be altered by an external party in any manner.

The blockchain is also one of the reasons why Bitcoin isnot a hackable currency. Even though there are stills security risks that individuals face when using trading platforms and cryptocurrency wallets, the main centralized system cannot be compromised. It is an incredibly well-known fact that some of the biggest companies, organizations, and banks have been compromised by hackers in the past, and this is something that has had a significant impact on the workings of these institutions.

However, hacking a blockchain is an incredibly difficult task because of all that it entails. If a hacker wants to get information from a blockchain, they have to identify hundreds of computers and compromise them at the same kind, only to find one string of transaction data, which in most instances would provide them with information regarding an amount that is less than one Bitcoin. While there is no such thing as a completely secure system that is free from any kind of external hacking or intervention, blockchains do provide a layer of security that is not commonly found among banks and traditional institutions.

Uses For Bitcoin

Ever since Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies first started to make their way to the public, one of the biggest questions commonly asked was regarding what cryptocurrencies could be used for. While the concept of a cryptocurrency might be cool and intriguing to some, it wouldn’t be of much worth if it couldn’t be used for anything. Because cryptocurrencies are a digital currency, the manner in which one can use them tends to be limited in nature, at least till more avenues and applications for its use pop up.

As it stands, the retail and e-commerce industry is one of the biggest prospects where Bitcoin can actually be used. When the currency was first created, Nakamoto wanted to create a currency that could be used for a varied range of monetary transactions on a peer to peer level. The vision was to create a currency that could be applied to a host of different transactions, particularly when it came to the buying and selling of goods and services online. Since then, more and more retailers have been turning to cryptocurrencies and including these in the forms of payment that people can use.

If Bitcoin does want to evolve as a more well-used currency, their application needs to be prominent on a much wider scale than what it currently is. The retail industry is probably the best avenue for the growth of cryptocurrency, which is why analysts believe that this is the one sector that cryptocurrencies should be applied in is within the e-commerce industry. For cryptocurrencies to reach their true potential, they need to be used on a much wider scale, and the best way to do that is through e-commerce. The reasons why the retail industry is the perfect avenue for the growth of cryptocurrencies is because of the following:

1. Wider Acceptance

The reason why Bitcoin can flourish in the e-commerce industry is because of the inclusiveness that websites want to incorporate. When a brand starts up its e-commerce website, they want to be able to offer their customers with every possible payment option. This attracts a wider audience, thereby helping the brand as a whole.

Because of this, many e-commerce sites have already added Bitcoin as one of their options, thereby allowing customers to pay for goods in this form. This, in turn, leads to greater demand for Bitcoin, leading to it becoming one of the more prominent manners in which people can pay for goods and services.

2. E-Commerce Industries Rely On Innovation

Being innovative is essential for any company that wants to stand out on an online space. Because of the reduction of geographical borders, companies have to compete with others from around the world. The need to evolve and stay on top is a must, and therefore implementing Bitcoin in payment systems is one way to ensure that they are never left behind.

3. Fewer Transaction Fees Are Incurred

At the end of the day, an online site wants to make as much money as they can through their sales. Customers, on the other hand, want to pay as less as possible for the goods that they buy. When using traditional currency, there is a certain amount that has to be incurred as taxes on the amount that is paid and received. Because there are reduced transaction fees when using Bitcoin, it is something that can prove to be beneficial for the brand as well as the customers. This single factor has led to a much wider implementation of Bitcoin as a whole.

4. The Need For Easier Fund Transfers Is Prominent

The e-commerce industry has always wanted to make transactions and transfers as easy as possible. More often than not, fund transfers can take a long period to end up in a person’s account, especially if there is a certain amount of currency conversion involved in this process. Using Bitcoin is incredibly fast and lets the brand or seller get the money faster than they otherwise would. This has encouraged the use of Bitcoin on a much larger scale, thereby contributing to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

5. Growing International Markets

As we move towards more digitalized institutions, people and brands from all over the world can easily connect with each other without even moving from the comfort of their homes. For example, in the 1980s, if a person living in the United States wanted to get something from London, they would need to ask someone who was traveling there, or call up the store and wait several weeks or months for their package to arrive. With the internet and e-commerce industry, a person living in the United States can easily shop in a London based store and have the goods delivered to them in no time.

This, however, gives rise to a more pressing issue of currency conversion. The values of currencies differ based on the country that one lives in, which means that the amounts that they would have to pay are also dependent on those factors. Bitcoin eliminate the need to consider international currencies and provide one uniform rate, no matter which part of the world you live in. This has caused more people to turn towards these digital currencies, thereby pushing for the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Secrets of Zurich

Если вы заинтересованы в обладании криптовалютой, способной произвести революцию в унаследованной индустрии финансовых услуг, и желаете стать частью сообщества, работающего над улучшением жизни людей в реальном мире, то этот пост для вас.
Для некоторых развивающихся стран, где многие граждане работают за рубежом, подобные трансграничные переводы являются одним из крупнейших источников притока капитала. По оценке Всемирного банка, на глобальном уровне объем денежных переводов в развивающиеся страны составил 444 млрд долларов в 2017 году и, согласно ожиданиям, в 2018 году вырастет до 466 млрд долларов.

И, хотя на словах отправка денег через границы кажется достаточно простой, на деле процесс является достаточно медленным, дорогим и отягощенным бременем нормативно-правового соответствия — налицо все признаки устаревшей индустрии финансовых услуг, которая порождает неприятные последствия как для физических лиц, отправляющих деньги домой, так и для местного бизнеса, предлагающего свои услуги.
Около 2 миллиардов человек во всех развивающихся странах мира не имеют доступа к банковским счетам и услугам. Вместо этого они пользуются наличными деньгами и полагаются на операторов денежных переводов (Money Transfer Operators, МТО) или мобильные платежи для отправки и получения финансов. Деньги, отправленные за границу в одной местной валюте и обналиченные в другой валюте, соответствующей пункту назначения, проходят через сеть различных банков и служб. Во время этого процесса деньги переходят из рук в руки множество раз, и клиентам приходится оплачивать каждый такой шаг, что делает римессу довольно дорогостоящим способом перевода.
МТО являются небанковскими финансовыми обеспечителями наличных платежей и имеют обширные сети агентов в городах и областных районах. Местные предприниматели, желающие создать свои собственные МТО, сталкиваются с давлением нормативно-правового регулирования и трудностями подключения к обширным глобальным сетям выплат.

Зачастую всё это выходит за рамки финансовых возможностей предпринимателей, не оставляя им лучшего выбора, кроме как присоединиться к существующей сети денежных переводов и отдать урегулирование большинства требований на аутсорс мультинациональной компании, что обычно сопряжено с выделением ей щедрых 80% транзакционных сборов. И что еще хуже — когда банки выходят из отрасли, то даже устоявшиеся МТО в этом случае теряют свои банковские счета.

В результате всего этого мы имеем индустрию с высоким регуляторным давлением и излишним количеством посредников, взимающих высокие комиссии. Глобальная средняя стоимость отправки $200 составляет 7,2%, а Western Union не стесняется по случаю взимать 15% комиссии за экзотические валютные пары. Это означает, что сокращение расходов на трансграничные платежи на 5% в 2017 году сэкономило бы для всех примерно $22 млрд. Это много нулей, потраченных впустую на ненужные процессы, и идеальная точка для начала преобразования с помощью криптовалюты.

Финансовый мир постоянно меняется. Технология цепочки блоков становится известной и используемой день ото дня. Этот прогресс в финансовой экосистеме раскрыл Secrets of Zurich.

Secrets of Zurich направлены на обслуживание своих пользователей путем объединения технологий цепочки блоков.

Secrets of Zurich это швейцарский банковский проект. Компания хочет предоставить недорогую и быструю платежную инфраструктуру для удовлетворения потребностей пользователей.

Secrets of Zurich будет обслуживать пользователей кошелька на основе Blockchain, который предлагает очень простой и удобный способ работы. В то же время Crypto предоставит своим пользователям карту предоплаты для получения номера IBAN и оплаты через банкомат и дает пользователям возможность использовать реальные и крипто-деньги вместе, а также возможность конвертировать их в желаемый формат одним щелчком мыши.

Secrets of Zurich стремится обеспечить безопасность своих пользователей. В обычных банковских системах могут быть раскрыты фишинговые атаки.

Для обеспечения безопасности пользователей с помощью процедур KYC IE по защите личности. В то же время, пользователи будут хранить свои данные в надежном кошельке магазина.

Одиночные ключи будут конвертированы между криптовалютами. Платформа в настоящее время поддерживают Биткойн и Этериум. Литкойн. Евро и доллар скоро будут активны. Новые валюты будут добавляться каждый месяц.Платформа обеспечивают исключительное быстрое шифрование по всему миру. Сокращает время перевода остатков на счету с дней до секунд. Стоимость обработки составляет всего 0,5% и является почти бесплатной.

Банковская карта платформы Soz позволяет быстро снимать деньги. После того, как вы создадите счет, вы сможете использовать все инструменты.

Преимущество Soz:

  • Вы можете подключить средства Crypto в ваших секретах Цюрихского счета к вашей карте.
  • Самая низкая комиссия за транзакцию составляет всего 0,5% по сравнению с другими дебетовыми картами и крипто-кошельками.
  • В банкоматах у вас есть возможность расплачиваться или снимать крипто.
  • Вы хотите наслаждаться своими крипто-деньгами и можете использовать ту же карту, если хотите заплатить.
  • Сводка по вашей учетной записи и транзакции не будут найдены в транзакциях, которые вы делаете.
  • Карты будут активированы после достижения 5000 пользователей.

Токены платформы

Имя токена = SOZ

Тип токена = ERC20

Общая эмиссия = 65.000.000

Токены для продажи = 50.000.000

Больше информации :

Official site:

Bountyhive username: wabrent
Bounty link:

We are going to BitMax!

We are proud to be listing on BitMax!

Dear Fantom supporters,

We are extremely humbled to share that we’ve received the green light from the BitMax team to publicly announce our impending listing on their platform. Our FTM token will be trade able in two markets, FTM/BTC and FTM/USDT.

⚠️ Only the exchange listings announced by the FANTOM team are official. We are not responsible for any issues in regards to unofficial exchange listings.

Aside from sharing our excitement about our listing on BitMax, we want to credit this listing to our loyal community member Sean (@NamasteCryptocurrency on telegram), Sean has helped us through the listing trajectory at BitMax from A to Z, leading to us being listed on BitMax for free. To incentivize Sean, we would like to publicly disclose that we will be providing the initial stake for a validator node which will be governed by Sean. Sean will be eligible for all the rewards of said validator node.

With this incentive we want to signal a shift in our view on community empowerment, we believe that the community could potentially turn out to be our strongest ecosystem partner and we want to leverage your skills and talents to bring Fantom more exchange listings and awareness.

Add the FTM token to your wallet

The process of adding the FTM token to your wallet is described in the following medium post:

The official contract address for the FTM token is: 0x4e15361fd6b4bb609fa63c81a2be19d873717870

Symbol: FTM

Decimals: 18

Reach out to us!

Official Email Address:

Official Website Link:

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BTC Option Skew

Happy Friday. Today we will do more of a deep dive into our Options Indicators piece from 2/27. In our previous piece, we discussed the ways of looking into options for clues as to where the underlying price will go. One of the potential indicators would be observing the options market to see if it has positive or negative call/put skew. In our commentary we stated, “While analyzing this chart over the last week after this volatile price action, we have not seen a major shift one way or the other in regards to this skew.”
 Today we dive a little deeper…

It seems that the range-bound nature of BTC price action since December of 2018 ($3275-$4300) has weighed on the option market. The dramatic drop in realized volatility has weighed on the implied volatility of options.

That is understandable. However, what is unusual is that the option selling has affected the value of out-of-the-money options even more. Put skew, call skew and the smile are ALL down. Call skew has turned negative, and put skew is the lowest since the summer of 2018. Put skew in the March (3/29/19) options contract is significantly flatter than even that of June (6/28/19) options. Given the “gappy” way BTC trades and the suppressed implied volatility, breakout trades are very cheap to initiate. While these trades may be cheap for a reason, it does not cost you much to buy the March $3,250 put (roughly $15–20 vs. $3890) or $4250 call (roughly $50–55). As a ‘live’ option trade (unhedged), this can be a good way to capture profits in case the range breaks. As a ‘crossed’ or ‘delta neutral’ trade (option that is hedged with corresponding underlying delta), profits can be made through gamma trading even if the range holds. For hedgers, taking advantage of the cheap put skew relative to history should also be worth considering.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Ilya Kurland for more information on trade structuring and/or option trade recommendations. Finally, the BitOoda team wishes you all a wonderful International Women’s Day!

Find your nearest and desire Restaurant via EMU application

Suppose, you wish to travel associate unknown place whereas traveling and you’re hungry. therefore you wish to eat some food. Then you’re looking food here and there. Suddenly, you found that and area unit on the market into a restaurant. however you don’t acumen to talk the communication and you haven’t any native currency. it’s unsure to incorporate the dishes that food unit you wish to order. you will be glad to understand that we have a bent to branch EMU application that may be a divisive resolution . By victimization this app you may solve this draw back. This app naturally presenting you the menu service in your own language. Your EMU account contains your credit cards data however, a cryptocurrency pocketbook, PayPal and lots of wholly completely different payments system. If you wish to pay with cryptocurrency, you wish to attend for support workers and your necessary all things might even be done by victimization this EMU application.

by victimization EMU app you may choose your nearest establishment to you as like restaurant; its additionally choose for your separate time. you may additionally order several food or service for your guests in mounted time. you’ve got to be compelled to pick comments and reviews based mostly service from this app. among the past, slowly delivery system, anticipating waiter unit a typical subject. however our project bring some distinctive theme that is ready to modification its participants life.

EMU might even be a mentionable international product that’s very outstanding performing artist among the business. This application is for golem version smartphone users. By place throughout this application , as presently as realizable its users get gift knowledge concerning restaurant food menu and it show you those food unit important. It helps you to trying restaurant , book a table , decision a waiter instantly pay in one click.

in this article you may learn the approach we’ve maintain to combined the technology of black coin, AI and our fifteen years expertise to open multi-billion on dollar in our international economy. the worldwide service market is raising day by day. Customers unit volitionally purchase quality full product. such associate outsized amount of distinctive prepare will get the worldwide market place. on-line restaurant business is one in all them.

The EMU software package package offer you top quality service. Personnel system automation increase service speed. Daily, billions of individuals unit endowed in service sector like building , restaurants, hotel’s. Everyday we have a bent to travel to restaurants and low get friends and family resort. we have a bent to waste our time for waiting waiter and it’s our culture from two hundred years agone. however by victimization this app we tend to tend to stand live ready to save our time. {when we have a bent to
once we tend to tend to
after we tend to} travel throughout a unknown place or country we can’t understand the communication. therefore it’s robust to order food , service etc. the restaurants business is one in all the foremost important liability among the service sector. as an example, a Russian speaking can’t order in Japanese restaurant. And it’s additionally impractical for Indians people to order in china’s restaurant. however victimization this excellent application you’ve got reserved a table throughout a restaurant with none decision simply click on you smartphone. you may additionally order food once you on the because of restaurant. Your food is being prepared and it serve you once reached the restaurant. If you wish a waiter simply click the button, then the waiter unit gift to serve you. you’re not waited for payment bill. By one click you paid this bill.

Customers service

® Imagine you are doing not fathom the food item and quality of a restaurant . you’re not acutely aware concerning dishes name and waiter behavior. EMU app offer you with quality full dishes item with the comments and reviews of vacation makers and customers.

® once you travel in fully wholly completely different place or foreign country however you haven’t any native currency, then you may conduct the payment together with your cryptocurrency . EMU manage the payment system . it helps you to provides payment system with ten wholly completely different services like PayPal , Ad cash.

® once you fall a state of affairs that you merely merely haven’t got any cash , our sensible application provides a service that your relative send your money via EMU.

® EMU bought some new probability or feature for its users. It contains complete info of dishes, dynamic any language, fast decision of the waiter, increase of average check.

Benefits of business representative

EMU provides several probability for business representative. It improves average check. By victimization this app, restaurant or institution authority will serve most of the customers simply whereas not the assistance of waiters . therefore it decline the number of waiter. It reduced the operational coast. this technique additionally criminal reducing. By victimization this app nobody will fraud with check. this technique additionally service customers quickly and provides the likelihood to browse the comments concerning food and repair. There area unit several fairly quality full image of foods in there. the purchasers will straightforward choose their acceptable item for eat. therefore this application is awfully important for the fashionable business youths.

The user or a restaurant will transfer EMU app among the app store on their smartphone . the applying of business has several styles of users as like associate owner, associate administrator and a waiter. every kind of users has fully wholly completely different work. The waiter communicate each with the purchasers and administrator. He serve the client and inform concerning dishes to the administrator. The owner collect and calculate the sell and money categorical of his restaurant. The administrator analytics the statics and manage software package package and hardware resolution. He additionally operate the waiters. By victimization this app the owner observation his business system.

This application is free for each ancient users and business representative. the applying will ne’er alter alter any fairly message or advertising. Moreover, there’ll no appear message like page links etc. It contains knowledge those unit important for you. It additionally provides valuable knowledge. Our goal is to satisfy everyone .

There unit four logical it’s organized. Client’s can facilitate or manage t to order making and acquire this product. A waiters app will get customers order and he inform it to the authority like waiter, manager, owner. internet panel management the entire system of this establishment. it’s used for making and writing menu list, to work out the history of all orders and maintain the statists of this establishment. there’s additionally a locality throughout this arrangement. This internet panel is develop by victimization HTML5, CSS3 JavaScript. The EMU project concerned several service. on a plane, if you wish alcohol or sweets simply press a click and elect the merchandise or service that unit you required. As like throughout a structure , a fuel stations you may get several service by victimization this application.

The EMU app embody varied payments system. It embody payment of utility services and jointly the payment of facilitate North American nation to order and payment for automotive car parking zone. The cryptocurrency token is formed in step with the ERC20 commonplace on the ETH block chain that unit certify the potential to manage its commonplace with the other comes.

The EMU developers plan to keep the gap worth of per EMU cryptocurrency-token is $ zero.05. throughout the first placement the cryptocurrency-token might even be purchased just for the cryptocurrency “Ether” (ETH) or BTCn (BTC).

There unit uses multi-language and multi-currency interface. Menu in your own language quite fifty language packs. once the launch of this application EMU provides on-line icon, comments and rating sharing once visiting several computing device. Twitter, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp. EMU united all of them that the purchasers can’t choose the merchandise simply and select the foremost effective product.

overall, EMU might even be associate honest application for maintaining restaurant properly. it’s necessary for the restaurant business to use EMU for developing its business and progress. it’s getting to serve the purchasers accurately and raising up the project. By victimization this excellent application each consumer and business representative unit beneficent. that the purchasers need to be compelled to use this app for set easier mode additional partaking, happier.

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Diamondreward — Bitcoin Prediction Indicator Bitcoin Trade Alert

Diamondreward is intended to serve as the digital currency which can be traded with anybody in this globe or can be utilized to store esteem. Diamondreward is not restricted by any central organization or government body.

Diamondreward is a bitcoin prototype, is a decentralized peer to peer digital coin that runs on blockchain technology and it is not controlled by any central institutions or governments. It is an open-source platform designed to provide easy and fastest means of transferring digital assets .diamondreward is designed to be a digital currency that can be used to store value and to exchange with anyone in the world with extremely low fees and fast lightning speed transactions.

Diamondreward ICO

Diamondreward is intended to serve as the digital currency which can be trade with anybody in this globe or can be…

ICONOMI in 2018

Walt Disney said that “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” This perfectly describes our energy and dedication to making ICONOMI truly great and unique. We conducted our ICO in October 2016, when the total crypto market capitalization was just $12 billion. Back then, we predicted that in 2017 we would see about 1,000 new ICOs, $200 million on our platform, and a DAA that would beat bitcoin. We were right!

Stepping into 2018, we are firmly dedicated to pursuing our vision of making ICONOMI the bridge between the old and the new economy. We are pioneers, the first ever digital asset array management platform for blockchain tokens and cryptocurrencies, and our many DAA managers and users are proving that this is the perfect time to enter the crypto world with us.

As we look ahead into 2018, we are thrilled about all the upcoming changes in the crypto ecosystem, from regulation to the new opportunities that will come with tokenization economics. The crypto market will remain volatile, but that will not deter new investors seeking exposure to this new asset class. Of course, regulation will help set new playground rules, but it is too early to predict with certainty what the final regulatory environment will look like.

In order to continue to make decisive, effective steps as we did in 2017, we’ve identified three main areas to focus on. These insights represent a flexible, expandable, and intuitive outline for 2018. We must be able to quickly and efficiently adapt to changing market conditions and the demands of regulators, which means the priorities listed below may change. We are very excited that we will be implementing some additional features very soon. We have only listed major features, some of which will be released in multiple iterations.

  • DAA page improvements: AUM and number of buyers
  • Fiat ramp-up for end users
  • DAA Discovery page redesign
  • DAA Manager page with all their DAAs
  • Website redesign
  • Major user statistics upgrade
  • Debit card
  • Direct purchase of individual digital assets
  • Possibilities for risk reduction
  • Organizing events with DAA managers
  • DAA tokenization process optimization
  • Phase 2 of DAA management functionalities completed (improvements that include several different statistics that DAA managers want to see, such as volatility, drawdowns, rebalancing automation, etc.)
  • Support for company accounts
  • Phase 3 of DAA management functionality completed (advanced functionality for DAA managers)
  • Introduction of fees payable in ICN
  • Big Four audit
  • Affiliate system
  • Open platform: private DAAs launched
  • API (reading data/trading)
  • Charting system redesign
  • Trading engine upgrade
  • Custodial services

We will continue to deliver improvements that will provide real value for our users. Though they might not be visible to the end user, they are vital for ICONOMI’s continued development and growth. Some of these improvements include:

  • Supporting additional exchanges and tokens to provide more options for DAA managers.
  • Upgrading the functionality and design of our web, iOS, and Android apps, as well as adding more statistics, data, UX improvements, etc., in response to community feedback about upgrading the platform.
  • Upgrading our back-office systems to deal with higher volumes of users and assets.
  • Onboarding new DAA managers to broaden diversification opportunities
  • Continuous security upgrades.

Our phenomenal team is working nonstop to make 2018 ICONOMI’s best year yet. It will be another very dynamic year, and we are honored to contribute our part to this new, fast-evolving crypto world. Last but not least, we owe our success to you, our ICONOMI users and supporters.

Thank you! We wish you a happy new year and hope you will continue on this exciting journey with us through 2018 and beyond.

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TITANIUM — Sebuah Proyek Dengan Banyak Keuntungan

Hallo semua, Dipostingan ini saya akan menguraikan tentang Proyek Titanium dan untuk lebih jelasnya mari kita langsung saja ke topik pembahasannya berikut:

Perlu dimulai dengan fakta bahwa TITANIUM adalah layanan infrastruktur berbasis Blockchain . Gagasan dari proyek ini adalah bahwa di dunia ini, dapat ada skema semacam itu yang menyangkut bahwa perusahaan TI penuh dapat didesentralisasi sepenuhnya , termasuk pemrosesan, penyimpanan data, perlindungan, beban layanan, router, perangkat jaringan dan sebagainya. Jika ini bisa diterjemahkan menjadi kenyataan, akan sangat keren dan sangat nyaman bagi semua orang yang berhubungan dengan teknologi IT.

TITANIUM berencana untuk memasuki awan layanan awan yang luas , yang sekarang berada di bawah kendali pemimpin pasar utama yang terkemuka di bidang penyediaan dan virtualisasi, seperti Amazon dan Microsoft Azure. Para pengembang proyek telah merencanakan bahwa pasar ini perlu sedikit dipindahkan, diperluas, diperbaiki dan dibuat sehingga mudah bagi semua orang. Inilah teknologi Blockchain yang akan dibangun proyek ini.

TITANIUM adalah sebuah proyek dengan banyak keuntungan , daftar yang diisi ulang setiap harinya. Biarkan saya daftar mereka kepada Anda:

– Hal pertama yang patut disebutkan adalah TITANIUM menawarkan layanan frame lebih murah — sebesar 50% , dibandingkan proyek serupa lainnya yang bahkan tidak menggunakan teknologi Blockchain.

– Jika kita menghitung pengalaman kerja bersama dari para pendiri tim TITANIUM mengenai kegiatan ini, maka gabungan 200 tahun itu, tidak sedikit, bahkan sangat banyak, masih banyak yang bisa dipelajari.

– Blockchain-technology adalah tim kompleks tim proyek yang mengkhususkan diri pada tingkat profesional yang tinggi , orang-orang ini benar-benar tahu apa yang mereka lakukan dan tahu bagaimana berperilaku dengan hal-hal tertentu.

– Direktur umum proyek — Michael Stollar — adalah orang yang menarik perhatian orang, orang yang akan mendapatkan kepercayaan di antara masyarakat setiap hari, dengan setiap usaha yang bijaksana, sehingga jumlah pelanggannya melebihi ribuan orang.

– Banyak klien proyek beralih ke kampanye EHI mereka yang terkait (ini adalah perusahaan yang didirikan oleh direktur umum TITANIUM) — misalnya, kampanye Apple, IBM, eBay, McDonalds, SAP dan banyak kampanye global populer lainnya.

– Orang yang akan berinvestasi di proyek TITANIUM (secara otomatis, investor) akan menerima token yang disebut BAR — ini adalah token proyek individual yang dapat digunakan pemiliknya sebagai pembayaran untuk layanan yang akan ditawarkan oleh proyek TITANIUM. Hal ini, pada gilirannya, akan mempengaruhi fakta bahwa potensi keuntungan untuk modal investasi akan tumbuh dengan cepat.

– TITANIUM adalah start up pertama dan universal berdasarkan Blockchain, yang memiliki akreditasi dari Better Business Bureau (yaitu dari Biro untuk memperbaiki praktik bisnis — disingkat BBB) dan dari Dun & Bradstreet (disingkat D & B).

– Jika kita membandingkan TITANIUM dengan pesaingnya, perlu dicatat bahwa proyek ini bertujuan untuk mendesentralisasi infrastruktur kampanye agar dapat menyediakan layanan yang lebih aman dan efisien dua kali lebih murah daripada pesaing — ini adalah keuntungan yang sangat signifikan.

TITANIUM benar-benar proyek yang mengungkapkan potensi nyata dan berharga teknologi Blockchain . Layanan yang disediakan oleh proyek meliputi: Infrastruktur sebagai layanan ( IaaS), Platform sebagai layanan ( PaaS), Perusahaan sebagai layanan ( CaaS ), juga akan tersedia Dengan menggunakan cloud TM ( BYOC ) sendiri, DEXchange TM, Monitoring sebagai layanan ( MaaS ), Blok sebagai layanan ( BaaS), Pertambangansebagai layanan TM ( MIaaS ), Instan Inkubator ICO (ІІІ) dan masih banyak lagi.

Infrastruktur blockit-service TITANIUM disingkat TBIS , dikembangkan di platform Blockchain, yang pada gilirannya memastikan bahwa berbagai perubahan dalam lingkungan ini akan dicatat dan selalu tersimpan dalam sistem.

TBIS menjamin hampir seratus persen pengoperasian terus menerus yang andal dari berbagai perangkat dan aplikasi , yang memastikan manajemen perusahaan Follow-the-Sun, layanan pemantauan, penghapusan kerusakan offline, optimalisasi mekanisme pemulihan darurat dan juga redundansi. Ini akan memungkinkan sistem ini naik tinggi pada langkah pemimpin.

Berkat TBIS, berbagai serangan, misalnya, serangan DDO yang meluas (denial of service) dan berbagai program jahat akan dicegah . Dan, secara umum, solusi dari semua masalah akan disediakan. Selain itu, TBIS akan memberi kesempatan bagi kliennya untuk menciptakan penambang mata uang kripto. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, klik pada link —

Antarmuka Polynoviet Administrative (UI) yang mudah digunakan akan tersedia di platform Apple, iOS dan Android. UI memberikan kemungkinan yang tidak terbatas mengenai pengaturan dan mengenai penciptaan komponen infrastruktur ini, dan semuanya akan segera berlalu.

Dan secara umum, TITANIUM menawarkan operasi yang sangat ekonomis dan nyaman:pengurangan waktu pemulihan (MTTR), biaya pembelian dan operasi yang lebih rendah (OCS), pengembalian cepat berdasarkan investasi modal (ROI).

Posisi TITANIUM terlihat sangat disengaja — kesempurnaan saja, hanya kejujuran dan integritas semata. Motivasi motivasi, seperti untuk saya. Tim proyek mencakup orang-orang yang profesional sejati di bidang merekadengan pengalaman luas di bidang ini. Mereka adalah spesialis, tidak ada yang perlu diperdebatkan. Co-founder dan CEO proyek — Michael Stollar — telah mencapai banyak hal dalam hidupnya. Dia menciptakan perusahaannya bernama EHI, yang memberikan saran tentang teknologi, dan spesialisasi dalam mengelola infrastruktur perusahaan. Karyawan EHI dengan hati-hati dan dengan serius mengatur kegiatan mereka di perusahaan dan menjadikannya sebagai pusat tengara. Dan, secara umum, semua hal yang Michael lakukan berkembang dan berkembang lebih jauh dengan sukses besar.

Perlu juga dicatat bahwa dalam proyek TITANIUM tidak akan pernah ada masalah mengenai kelangsungan hidup produk yang dikembangkan(dengan masalah seperti itu, kebetulan, ada sejumlah besar proyek modern di bidang mata uang kripto). Dan semua karena pencarian perusahaan dan orang yang ingin membeli dan menggunakan produk tertentu dari proyek akan dilakukan dengan bantuan anak perusahaan EHI, karena TITANIUM akan menjadi pemilik resmi basis klien EHI. Dan karena EHI telah mendapatkan kepercayaan di antara umat manusia, dan telah menjadi layanan yang andal dan aman bagi klien, TITANIUM juga akan menjadi proyek yang prestisius dan terpercaya bagi orang-orang dengan nilai tinggi.

Beli token proyek TITANIUM yang disebut BAR — mereka benar-benar akan memberi Anda keuntungan dan kesuksesan , jangan ragu-ragu. Penjualan resmi (ICO) token BAR akan berlangsung selama 60 hari (2 bulan) — mulai 1 Januari 2018 sampai 1 Maret 2018 a. Untuk 1 ETH Anda bisa membeli 300 BAR. Selain itu, kabar baik! Dalam 72 jam pertama, token BAR akan dijual dengan biaya rendah.

Ikuti link dan investasikan kesuksesan Anda —

Tapi! Anda bisa membeli sendiri sebuah token BAR sebelum tanggal 1 Januari — pada pra-penjualan (preICO), yang sudah tepat waktu(untuk satu bulan — Desember). Jika Anda menginvestasikan $ 5.000 dalam proyek ini, Anda akan mendapatkan bonus sebesar 20%. Artinya, 1,2 BAR yang akan Anda beli seharga $ 1 AS — sangat menguntungkan.

Bergabunglah dengan jajaran peserta proyek TITANIUM dan Anda akan mengerti bahwa Anda bahagia karena Anda telah menjadi bagian darinya, karena ini adalah sebuah inovasi, inilah pandangan sekilas masa depan yangcerah , inilah teknologi modern yang akan meningkat . Jangan lewatkan kesempatan untuk menjadi bagian dari dunia kita dan sejarah bahagia!

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut:


Nama pengguna Bct :riki28

My bitcoin profil:;u=1524583;sa=forum profile.

KinMall Live: What is Special about the Tmall-style Trading Platform?

KinMall Live: What is Special about the Tmall-style Trading Platform?

On March 6th, with the last winner being drawn, the KinMall live broadcast ended successfully. A total of 502 users participated in the lucky draw, and four winners were born. The following is the list of winners. The winners who have not filled out the information should complete the information as soon as possible. The customer service staff will contact the winners within 7 working days, and the prizes will be issued one after another.

List of winners

This is a live event dedicated to celebrating the launch of the KinMall main platform and thanks to the support of KinMall fans, letting the fans of KinMall, Jack Wang, the founder of Kinmall, and Chandler Guo, the well-known investor of the crypto circle communicate closely to understand the inspiration of the establishment of the KinMall platform, the advantages and its future planning. Troubled by Cambodia’s Internet speed, there were some Internet lag in the live broadcast event, but with the support and understanding of the fans, the live broadcast was still hot, and various comments continued, and online gifts were kept on the go. As of the end of the event, the total number of live gold coins reached 120,000, the cumulative number of viewers was 70,000, the highest number of online viewers was 3,954, and the number of online comments was 357.

After the event, in order to let everyone know more about the KinMall platform, Jack Wang, the founder of KinMall, and the well-known investor Chandler Guo also recorded videos for everyone. The following is the text version, and there are recorded video playback at the end of the text.

The original intention of KinMall: everyone can open an exchange

Jack Wang: Hello everyone, I am the Jack Wang, the founder of KinMall. After several months of hard work, the KinMall finally came online today. In fact, our inspiration comes from some suggestions from Chandler Guo and the early KinMall community fans. Here, on behalf of all of our staff, I would like to thank Chandler Guo and the KinMall community fans for the come out of KinMall.

We bid farewell to the traditional exchange business model, we have turned KinMall into a platform. Everyone can understand that the current exchange is directly operated like Jingdong. Com. Kinmall is not a direct business, it is a platform, the exchange of exchanges. Such innovation derived from the inspiration given by Chandler Guo. Now please welcome Chandler to tell us about it.

Chandler Guo: In 2018, I met Jack Wang. Everyone knows that for exchanges like Huobi and Binance, it is extremely difficult to list your coins on them, so that many high-quality and high-traffic projects on the market cannot be listed on exchanges. Before, I also gave advice to Zhang Jian, founder of Fcoin, to open a platform. Any exchange can open a store (an exchange) on the platform. However, due to various reasons, the tokens cannot be listed.

Therefore, I recommended Jack to build a decentralized trading platform, which should not impose too many restrictions on these exchanges and project parties, just provide technical services. People want to use your platform to open exchanges. That’s it. Your goal is to bring together most of the traffic in the blockchain industry. To put it bluntly, you are the future Amazon AWS, Ali Cloud of Alibaba. This model is subversive, and you may become the next era of blockchain. The original intention of creating KinMall is to let everyone open an exchange on it.

Jack Wang: I quite agree with Chandler. The KinMall platform has no threshold for entry. The spirit of the blockchain is decentralization, fairness and transparency. Our KinMall platform is to break the monopoly of the exchange market. Everyone can open an exchange on it. There is no threshold. As for the type of token you want to list, that’s your choice.

Finally, you will find that this model breaks the monopoly of the industry. In fact, the monopoly model is to set up various thresholds and collect various fees after you have grown up to the biggest. Do you know how high the cost of getting on Wal-Mart’s shops, shelves, and advertisements? They squeezed suppliers, almost leaving them with no money to earn. In fact, the current exchange market is also like this. Due to the high amount of token listing fee, the project parties pay all their money for such fee. In the end, these listing fees are paid by the users. This model is destined to be subverted. The open model of KinMall may break the vicious circle of the crypto circle and will have a disruptive effect.

The model innovation of KinMall is the biggest competitive advantage in commercialization

Jack Wang: One of the biggest advantages of KinMall is the innovation of the profit model. KinMall has stepped out of the traditional profit model of exchanges, we are a technical service provider, mainly through charging technical service fees to make profit. For example, if you open an exchange here on our platform, we only charge the technical development service fee once and for all, and then, you can decide whatever tokens you want to list on your exchange, it is totally up to you.

Many people may think that, what if the tokens listed are air tokens? We will disclose all project information, make it open and transparent, and investors will be free to choose what tokens to invest in.

Another major advantage is that the KinMall platform is completely open, all exchange merchants have the right to determine the tokens to be listed. The functions for exchanges on our platform are all customizable, for example: you want to be able to realize the function of “trading is mining” and “contract trading”, we will open these functions for you. We will share our users, share the ecologym and disclose all the information. Our starting point is to lower the threshold of all entrepreneurs, let more people join the blockchain family, let more people become crypto users, and let more people hold bitcoin.

Chandler Guo: Yes, I have seen your team in Malaysia, the technical research and development team of nearly 1000 people were coding there, and the overall architecture of your background is very good. However, you must be fast, because the overall market users are growing fast, and you are very safe and open, so you can get user traffic quickly.

Target for this year: 200 exchanges, 10 million users

Chandler Guo: In the face of such a big market, you should set a goal for yourself this year.

Jack Wang: The goal of KinMall this year is to launch 100–200 exchanges. The long-term goal is to open 1000 exchanges. We welcome more people to open an exchange on the KinMall platform. This is a big market and a big ocean. We provide zero threshold to start a business for everyone. Although it is a bear market now, it is a good time to prepare for the future.

Thanks to all those who care about and support KinMall, as well as Mr.Guo who came to our live broadcast room, our goal is to make the KinMall platform more open, now it is weakly centralized, and in the future, it will be completely decentralized.

The KinMall platform is a completely innovative product. Although the platform is just online, there are some minor problems, but its overall architecture is very complete, and our system will continue to iterate and update, such as the PC end, WEB end, and APP. We will continue to improve the user experience, from visual effects to software interaction, from account security to application scenarios, we will consider how to do better. This year we will go all out to reach the goal of 10 million registered users. We welcome all companies and individuals who want to start a business in the blockchain field. We will help you realize your entrepreneurial dream.